Tax deadline

Tax need not be a stress

Welcome to Tax season 2012! With a new season of tax, comes a new set of tax deadlines…and I have yet to find a person that likes tax deadlines. The word “tax” has the ability to turn most people a pale shade of white. Mix this with “deadline” and you have a failsafe recipe to make even a Friday seem like a Monday.

While tax is a fundamental part of running our country, it still feels like your hard earned money is being flushed away. And for the self employed and business owners, the worst part about a tax deadline is that it acts merely as a reminder that your precious time with your extra money is dwindling. To make matters worse, you know what stands between you and the tax payment. It is a towering pile of confusing paperwork. This leads to avoidance which results in late submissions and then unwanted penalties. All equating to a lot of extra stress you really don’t need.

The reality is, it never has to be this bad. While accountants aren’t magicians, we can definitely take the sting out of tax deadlines and make the process fairly stress free. Imagine never having to keep an eye on tax deadlines. Right now, you could be doing something you enjoy rather than searching the internet for the latest tax deadline. With Dirmeik Consulting, you can rest assured that your submissions are completed on time, you aren’t paying more tax than you have to, we are always maintaining a good relationship with SARS and you will never have to incur another late submission penalty. Once you see the value that a professional accountant can offer you and your business, you will never look back. Also did we mention it is affordable? Call Brett from Dirmeik Consulting today and find out how we can help you. Phone: 021 421 4444.

For those of you who would prefer to be searching the internet for tax deadlines and would still like to go it alone, we have provided the latest tax deadline information below.

Tax deadlines

1 July 2012Tax season 2012 begins and you can start to submit your Income Tax returns to SARS.

28 September 2012 – Tax deadline for manual submission of tax returns by post or SARS drop box.

23 November 2012 – Tax deadline for electronic submission of tax returns.

23 November 2012 – Tax deadline for non provisional tax payers to submit via eFiling.

31 January 2013 – Tax deadline for provisional tax payers to submit via eFiling.