Brett Dirmeik, CEO

As the leader of the team, Brett oversees all day-to-day operations and provides specialised advisory services and strategic analysis for clients throughout South Africa and abroad. He is also a registered member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants, ensuring all activities at Dirmeik Consulting are conducted according to the principles and ethics of the Institute.

Brett Dirmeik Accountant Cape Town

Samantha Wallace, Office Administrator and SARS Liaison

With long-term expertise in liaising with SARS, Sam is excellent at analysing and delivering exactly the right information to meet SARS demanding standards. With her dedication to quality and accuracy, she provides a high level of professionalism and skill to clients.

Samantha Wallace Accountant Cape Town

Expert Accounting, made easy

Whether you’re looking for a tax specialist, independent reviews or company secretarial and advisory services, our meticulous, numbers-driven Accountants will expertly guide you through your professional or personal accounting needs so you can get the best out of your business or individual investments. Our easy, transparent fee structure will also give you 100% disclosure which enables us to add real value, based on real information.

Our Fees

Our extremely competitive rates and commitment to sustainability makes our billing structure refreshingly different. Dirmeik Consulting offers a cost-effective, transparent fee structure which facilitates 100% disclosure, enabling us to add real value to our clients, based on real information. As a new and highly valued client, we believe that our partnership will not only be exclusively beneficial to both parties, but will remain strong for years to come as our business is built on relationships anchored in trust and respect. Through this shared sentiment, we offer our clients good old-fashioned value through personal service, quality of time and business knowledge, combined with modern-day technology, efficiency and future-proof accounting solutions.

Our first 1 hour hello is on the house!

We offer a complimentary one hour meet-and-greet with new clients so we can discuss your specific needs and scope of work. Dirmeik Consulting also offers an advisory service for clients that require “once off” advice at an associated hourly charge clarified in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Technology and our environment

Taking care of the planet has always been strongly rooted in our business philosophy. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, innovative ways of working and agile strategic processes, we continue to focus on our company’s efficiencies and improve our inefficiencies so we can safeguard the environment while keeping our costs and carbon footprint low.

Our Partners


At Dirmeik Consulting, we believe in building relationships with like-minded professionals who share our values and ethics. By building a solid network of partners, we are continuously expanding the value we can offer beyond our own services.