While tax calculators can give an estimate of the tax you are liable to pay, they are not always 100% accurate, especially for business owners and self employed individuals.

Tax calculators for employees

If you are an employee, SARS provides an easy to use tax calculator that will work out your PAYE, taxable income and the tax rates you will be required to pay.

You can visit the tax calculator on the link below:


Tax calculators for self employed / business owners

tax calculator

The best tax calculator is a tax consultant.

Tax calculators become more complex for business owners and self employed individuals. There are a range of factors that need to be taken into account when calculating the tax you are liable to pay. It is highly recommended to consult a professional who has in-depth knowledge of the South African tax system to advise what you may and may not claim for. By hiring a tax consultant, you will have peace of mind that your business or personal tax is being completed accurately. This prevents future penalties and interest that SARS may impose or worse, prosecution if you are unknowingly but falsely representing your earnings and/or expenses.

The best tax calculator is a tax consultant

If you are looking for a tax calculator, chances are you are requiring accurate feedback on what tax you are eligible to pay. While there are many technological advancements today, it is still difficult for a programme to truly understand you and your business. Simply put, if you want accuracy and reliability, we really recommend using a tax consultant.

At Dirmeik Consulting, we offer professional tax consultation services which offers many advantages to you:

You don’t need to be a Tax Expert

If you are a business owner or are self employed, you already know what you are good at. The chances are, you are focused on excelling and pioneering in your field. Time is money. Why take this profitable focus away from where it is best used? It’s almost impossible to become a pioneer in multiple areas. Keep your eye on the ball, stick to what you are best at. We can take care of your tax.

Save time

Completing SARS paperwork is often intimidating and is usually the last on the list of items you enjoy. Your time can definitely be spent better elsewhere and we are a lot more affordable than you might think. Dare we mention friendly too?

Remove the stress

If you are completing tax returns yourself, there will always be a worry that information may not be accurate, claims invalid or information you thought applied is now invalid. All of these can risk penalties, a SARS audit and even prosecution. It is possible to buy peace of mind, give us a call today.

Potentially save more money

We truly take the time to get to know you and your business. This allows us to advise you on what you can and cannot claim for. Potentially saving you money and accurately declaring your income and expenses.

We offer a friendly, professional tax consultation service at an affordable rate. Join the growing number of companies already enjoying the benefits of this service. Give Brett a call today on 021 421 4444.