A shift in perspective – the online age

For the past decade, everything has been moving online. You can bank online, book travel online, order groceries online, and well, organise just about anything online.

In the past, running similar errands to physical locations would take up a large portion of your day and when asked, most people would rather be spending that time concentrating on their business or with their family. Luckily with the advent of the Internet and the development of online services, we can now work much more efficiently than we could before.

Previously and out of necessity, the proximity of a professional or business would be a deciding factor in whether we engaged their service or not. The fact that we are no longer tied to using businesses in close physical proximity offers us advantages such as having access to a greater pool of talent or service providers.

With such well-developed electronic infrastructure, we can meet service providers – even on the other side of the world – face to face through video chat, exchange documentation within seconds and collaborate on projects through online platforms.

What this ultimately means for you is that you can handpick the best service providers based on their talent and not proximity. For example, while based in Cape Town, you could have an Attorney in Johannesburg, an IT professional in Durban, a Financial Advisor in Port Elizabeth and an Marketing company in Pretoria.

Moving Accounting Online

This paradigm shift hasn’t yet spread to all industries and many will still be dealing with an accountant they selected solely for proximity reasons. Unfortunately they may also be behind the curve and submitting financial data in an inefficient, outdated manner.

Have you considered the advantages of an Online Accountant?

This new breed of accountant is one that is digitally switched on. They are able to service clients across the entire country that they are based in and have specialised online tools and workflows to allow you to send them all the necessary details they need electronically. Regardless of your position in the world, they are able to have face-to-face meetings using video chat tools like Skype and can provide all the assistance you or your business needs as if they were in the same building.

Are you still sitting in traffic to make meetings with your accountant? Are you still submitting inefficient manual documentation to your accountant? Isnt it time you considered switching to an Online Accountant?

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