If you run a business, you may well have considered hiring a business consultant to provide insight into the strategy and direction of your organisation. As a businessperson, you know the immediate value of having this kind of information and support at your fingertips. Perhaps you even currently engage in the services of a business consultancy or business consultant.

This is no doubt a wise move as business consultants can assist you to:

  • Identify and move into new markets
  • Provide strategy advice including whether to consolidate or grow your business according to the current economic climate
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce overheads
  • Many more

The most valuable point is that you have someone analysing your business that is not caught up in the daily tasks of running that business and who can see your business in context with other companies operating around you. The fresh perspective a business consultant can provide you with, offers you the ability to make intelligent and objective decisions to benefit your organisation. This kind of insight is worth its weight in gold. Knowing this now, who wouldn’t want to employ a business consultant?

Now wait, stop for a second. This is the part that gets interesting. Before you start frantically searching for a business consultant or consultancy, there may be a surprise coming. You may already have engaged the services of an expert business consultant without even knowing it. Introducing your new business consultant – your accountant.

If this comes as a surprise to you, you may need to shrug off the old perceptions of accountants as bean counters. The age of accountants solely providing administrative tasks has officially closed.

When you think about it, who is in a better position to provide you with objective advice than your accountant. After all, he or she has their finger on the pulse of many businesses, across many industries and should have a solid idea of market conditions and opportunities.

As a businessperson, you need to make quick, informed decisions in the running of your business and receiving guidance from your accountant is vital. Whether you need to order a shipment of stock, expand your premises, hire new employees, etc your accountant has the perfect understanding of your financials and industry to assist you in making that decision.

Your accountant also has the range of services to assist you with other valuable areas throughout the lifecycle of your business like selecting a business type, corporate restructuring, business legal structuring, acquistions and many more.

Isnt it time you asked more of your accountant? If after speaking to your accountant, you feel they are not providing the business direction and assistance they could, perhaps its time to switch? Give Brett a call on 021 421 4444 today and experience the value of a modern accountant.