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Cape Town accoutant Brett Dirmeik

Cape Town Accountant Brett Dirmeik

I am excited to start this blog in order to extend the value I offer my clients and now the general public. In the coming months I will be writing about financial issues that affect all South Africans and offer useful advice on a range of topics that will help improve your financial situation.

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I am looking forward to building this blog and interacting with you the reader.

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Cape Town Accountant, Brett Dirmeik sets and achieves exceptionally high standards of work for himself and through leading his team by example, Brett insists upon the solid standards of excellence upon which his Cape Town accounting firm continues to succeed. Brett believes in upholding solid values and in earning the trust and respect of clients. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that he is able to achieve profitable results first time, every time and that the important relationship between SARS and the client is properly maintained. Brett is a warm, approachable individual who is dedicated to maintaining an open and inclusive relationship with his clients. He believes that accurate, complete disclosure leads to targeted results and it is his personal mission to demystify accounting practice for clients through his sincere manner of business practice.