Jozi, the city of gold and the richest province in South Africa. While Johannesburg’s gold rush has long passed, many still flock to Joburg for lucrative employment and business opportunities. For the businesses and individuals reaping the rewards of Joburg’s economy, it becomes increasingly important to find a quality accountant and tax consultant. In this article, we will look at a few important points to consider when selecting a tax consultant / tax practitioner in Johannesburg.

Finding a trustworthy tax consultant in Johannesburg

While reviewing the many tax consultants in Gauteng, the most important point is to find a tax consultant or consultancy firm you can trust. After all, you are giving them the responsibilities of keeping your tax affairs in order and that is a large responsibility. If they fail to accurately and honestly complete your tax returns, YOU are implicated both financially and legally. So you can understand that this is not a decision to take lightly.

Start by checking their affiliations. Any tax consultant needs to be registered with an organisation such as the South African Institute of Professional Accounts, the South African Institute of Tax Professionals, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, etc. in order to operate legally. This is an assurance that the tax consultant should be adhering to a code of ethics and in some form a guarantee that there should be accountability for their actions.

Find an experienced tax consultant in Joburg

To further your selection, there are two factors to consider relating to experience. Check whether the tax consultant is established. Usually if they have been in business for more than 5 – 10 years they should have gained valuable experience. Make sure they have a website, business address and a few different contact methods to reiterate how established they are.

Next, find out how broad their experience is and whether they have assisted anyone in a similar industry to your own. If the tax consultant specializes only in assisting clients in the agriculture industry and your business is in retail, you won’t be receiving the value you could be.

Review the fee structure of the tax consultant

A trustworthy tax consultant should have an easy to understand fee structure, usually associated with the amount of work they need to do. Be cautious of any tax consultant that charges a percentage on the amount of your tax refund. This leads to dishonest tax returns and can implicate you.


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