Do you run a small to medium business? When we mention company secretarial, is your receptionist/secretary the first thing that comes to mind? If so, you are not alone. Many SMEs are unaware of how outsourcing company secretarial services can benefit their business.

Whilst the name can be confusing, company secretarial should not be confused with a secretarial or clerical role, instead it is focused on compliance.

While large companies may have a dedicated company secretarial position, small and medium businesses are often using all of their resources to concentrate on growth and not necessarily on compliancy. If the owner or staff has not kept a close eye on changing legislation, they may well not be conforming to the rules of company ownership and administration.

Advantages of outsourced company secretarial services

It is a requirement of the Companies Act that statutory books and records be kept in accordance to the law. Many SMEs can not justify a dedicated position for a Company or Corporate Secretary to meet this requirement, however by outsourcing this role they can benefit from the services at a fraction of the price and ensure their compliancy.

Company Secretarial Services

To ensure compliancy, company secretarial services usually include:

  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Submission of annual returns
  • Registration of taxes and levies
  • Conversions of companies
  • Formation and registration of companies
  • Company liquidations
  • Company secretarial audits

By choosing to outsource your company secretarial duties, you will no doubt save time, money and prevent potential problems in the future. Contact Brett to find out more about the company secretarial services offered by Dirmeik Consulting. You can call Brett on 021 421 4444.