The perception of most Business owners is that changing Accountants is as difficult and disruptive as changing banks.  However, we have taken on a number of new corporate clients who are always surprised at how easy and smooth our changeover has been.  So, if you feel your current accountant is not giving you the attention or service you desire, then perhaps it’s time to change to one that has an extra personal touch and can offer you more than just seeing to your accounting needs.

The following tips will hopefully ensure the handover goes smoothly and efficiently: –

  1. Correct Timing

The best changeover date is once your latest annual financial statements have been submitted and there are no pending audits or outstanding notice of objections or appeals.

  1. Compliance

Ensure that your accountant has done the work for all invoices raised and that you have no monies outstanding to them. Be sure to know where you stand with SARS and if you are aware of any tax compliance issues, do disclose this at the handover meeting.

  1. Giving Notice

As a business courtesy, you should first inform your current accountant of your plan to change, giving them the details of your new accountant.  You shouldn’t need to have to give any reasons, unless you feel it is necessary.

  1. Your Tax Files and Information

If your current Accountant has any tax files or company documents of yours, these need to be couriered over, which you may be charged for. We are happy to oversee this for you, unless you prefer to collect and deliver these yourself.

  1. SARS e-Filing

With SARS’s new e-Fling move transfer requests, ensure that the OTP is used timeously to authorise the move to your new accountants. If not given automatically, be sure to request a Tax Compliance Status as confirmation that there are no returns or any debt outstanding.

Now that you know how effortless it is to change accountants, you might find it useful to consider why you might want to end your existing relationship… and whether we might be the right move for your business…

  • Do you feel confident that they have your best business interests at heart?
  • Have they taken the time to fully understand your business and your goals?
  • Are your accounting fees market related?
  • Does their communication with you include jargon you don’t understand?
  • Are they client-focused and SARS knowledgeable?

Choosing the right accountant or Tax Practitioner for your ‘baby’ is as important as choosing the right medical specialist. They need to be able to see any adverse symptoms, diagnose them correctly and offer the correct solutions to see you to full health.  Our team at Dirmeik Consulting will be honoured to partner with you to help your business grow, to remain afloat during the storms of life and to help make sure that your ‘baby’ prospers to adulthood. You can contact us on or WhatsApp number 064 898 4388.

In the wise words of Tony Robbins –

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right”