Back in 2006, Dirmeik Consulting was started as a unique, boutique accounting firm – based in Cape Town, South Africa – assisting businesses and individuals with their accounting, auditing and taxation requirements. Our aim was simple; we offer our clients a professional, personalised service based around open interactions and built on a foundation of trust and respect. With our unwavering commitment to long-term relationships, Dirmeik Consulting has grown from strength to strength and been privileged to work with clients from a wide range of industry types. Despite our growth, we have remained true to our founding principles and attribute our success to the refreshing level of personal attention we provide each and every one of our clients.

News of our unique accounting approach has spread to Johannesburg.

It is always encouraging for a business to receive referrals as a sign that clients are happy with their experience. Over the last few years, Dirmeik Consulting has been receiving more and more requests from Johannesburg based businesses and individuals to assist them with their accounting requirements. With a growing base of clients in Johannesburg, we are excited to officially announce our expansion in the Johannesburg market.

A fresh approach to accounting services, now in Johannesburg.

At Dirmeik Consulting, we understand that there are many accountants in the greater Johannesburg area, but we also realise that there are very few with our fresh approach. But what exactly is this fresh approach and what can you expect from Dirmeik Consulting?

We foster open relationships with each and every client. We take the time to truly understand you and your business. By maintaining a close relationship and developing mutual trust, you as a client, are more comfortable disclosing the details of your business and therefore allow us to add value.

Often this level of personal attention is expected to come at a price in the form of high fees. However we surprise almost every client with our extremely competitive fee structure that ensures you are always aware of what you are paying for and therefore no surprises.

A Professional Johannesburg Accountant

If you engage the services of Dirmeik Consulting, you will always be in touch with the founder and 100% shareholder of the business, Brett Dirmeik. Brett is known for his friendly yet professional approach. He is responsible for overseeing all bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and taxation activities, as well providing advisory services and maintaining close client relationships. Brett is a registered member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and as an organisation, subscribes to the principles and ethics of SAIPA.

Experience our fresh accounting approach

Why not experience our unique approach to accounting today and find out how we can add value. Call us on:

Johannesburg: 010 007 3026,
Cape Town: 021 421 4444,
Durban: 031 007 0881