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Our Philosophy

Dirmeik Consulting is known for operating in a manner that is relentlessly straightforward, meticulous, trustworthy, dedicated, progressive and ethical.

Our unusually transparent fee structure facilitates 100% disclosure and enables us to add real value to our clients based on real information.

How We Operate

An operational philosophy is only as reliable as the consistency of its application. At Dirmeik Consulting, our professional approach doesn’t change – whether you’re a new client or one we’ve worked with for many, many years. You’ll find that:

  1. Dirmeik Consulting is straightforward

    We’re committed to demystifying accounting so that our clients always know what’s happening with their money.

  2. Dirmeik Consulting is meticulous

    We take pride in our attention to detail.

  3. Dirmeik Consulting is trustworthy

    We deliver on our promises to realise optimal results.

  4. Dirmeik Consulting is dedicated

    We are careful to act in the best interest of our client, finding the balance between what’s good for the client and the bottom line.

  5. Dirmeik Consulting is progressive

    We’re always looking for areas to improve.

  6. Dirmeik Consulting is ethical

    We are transparent and we work to uphold our values.

How We Charge

Above and beyond our extremely competitive rates and commitment to fairness, Dirmeik Consulting’s engagement and billing structure is refreshingly different to the norm.

On one hand, we offer a cost-effective, transparent fee structure, which facilitates 100% disclosure and enables us to add real value based on real information.

On the other hand, we offer our clients both complimentary meet-and-greets (one hour long, for prospective clients) and advisory consultations for existing clients.

Experience our Value Today

How We Interact

We offer a meet-and-greet during which we interact with new clients to discuss their specific needs and to scope the work that may be required. For the first hour, there is no charge.

Dirmeik Consulting also offers an advisory service for clients that require "once off" advice. This incurs an associated hourly charge, clarified in our SLA.

Our detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) unpacks the structure of the services we will offer a particular client, as well as the fees allocated to each task. Before beginning any work, Dirmeik Consulting advises clients of cost implications, to eliminate any surprises at the time of invoice.

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